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About us


The International Council of Spiritualists (ICS) is an Australian association with a large membership of spiritualist churches, centres, groups, along with a number of individual support members.  The ICS Inc promotes spiritualism as a religion and philosophy that removes the fear of death.

Every member, being a church, centre or group along with every financial member of each venue, has equal standing on the council.  Up to three representatives of a church, centre, or group may attend the meetings of the council.  Each member church, centre or group has one vote overall at the meetings or by proxy vote, regardless of the size of the church, centre or group.

The ICS Inc has its objectives, aims and purposes incorporated in its constitution.  Our goal has been furthered by our proclamation of recognition as a religious denomination by the Commonwealth Government, with this coming into effect on the 3 October 1995.  This recognition gave spiritualists the freedom of choice concerning religious services for marriages, namings and funerals, with ordained spiritualist ministers able to perform these services for them.

The ICS Inc is one of three pure spiritualist denominations in Australia.  The council is every member church, centre, or group, each with their own individual autonomy of management within the guidelines of the ICS Inc constitution.

The ICS Inc has earned the right to ordain spiritualist ministers; both pastoral ministers and those who are afforded celebrant numbers.  Ordinations can be performed because of our status as a recognised religious denomination with nominating authority powers.

The ICS Inc is committed and constituted to help all member churches, centres or groups.  Working together we can achieve whatever is needed to keep spiritualism available to all who are seeking its truths.

There is provision for support members in our constitution.  These are individuals who wish to help foster the unity of spiritualism.

The ICS Inc established an education programme consisting of correspondence courses on Basic Spiritualism, Grief Counselling, A Basic Introduction to Awareness of Children and Young People, and our Ministers’ Course.  The ICS Inc offers an Accreditation Card for speakers, demonstrators and healers for members who have been nominated by their leader/minister of any church, centre or group.

“Please join us in our quest.”

The Seven Principles

In the fatherhood of God
The brotherhood of man
The immortality of the spirit, the continuity of the individual life, with its personal characteristics beyond the veil of death
The proven facts of communion, between discarnate and incarnate spirits
Personal responsibility
With compensation and retribution here and hereafter for all good or evil deeds done on earth
A pathway of eternal progress, open to every individual that will tread it