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Our Emblem

The symbolism of colours and forms is important in conveying their inner meaning.  In all ages there have been various associations and symbols that connect the divine intelligence with earth and wherever this divine manifestation has occurred, through spirit, it has assumed a threefold character.

The triangle and the circle represented the symbols of deity.  The circle representing the divine mind, with no beginning and no end – the infinite.  Research has revealed the ‘elongated’ triangle was the original concept for the triangles as symbolising spiritualism.  This isosceles triangle (having two equal and compatible sides) represents a harmonious relationship; the blue triangle represents man reaching for attunement with spirit.

The gold triangle represents spirit’s constant assistance to us from the higher spheres, creating communion between the incarnate and discarnate.  The triangle has been recognised in history as being the first figure emblem to penetrate the circle of the Infinite. It is believed this was recorded in the days of Pythagoras, 500 BC.

The circle has a twofold representation; the ‘earth sphere’ encompassed by the ‘circle of infinity’ – the divine mind.

Colour Symbology


The primeval colours for the Spiritualistic triangles are gold and blue.

Gold is the essence of spirituality and is the gateway to the spirit for it awakens the spirit self and brings forward spiritual energies that help unlock the mind and reach out for truth.  In this sense the gold triangle pointing downward indicates the offering of spirituality to the lower spheres.

Blue is the colour of devotion, loyalty and truth and is the link ray between the spirit plane and the earth plane; it is known as the spirit ray.  Blue describes the sea and sky – symbols of infinity and lifts the being above all physical limitations.  The blue triangle pointing upward signifies acceptance of spirituality and devotion and the reaching out for truth.  It reaches into the divine mind (penetrates the circle of infinity) so that the inner self may know that love, immortality, spirit and God are one.

Indigo (ICS lettering etc) represents the purifying essence, controlling the psychic currents of our finer selves – our spirits and governs our higher vision, hearing and sensing.

The white background symbolises the God light of purity and perfection – our ultimate goal.

It is considered that the above guided portrayal of the emblem is expressive of the philosophy of spiritualism to which the International Council of Spiritualists is truly dedicated.

This badge was adopted as the international emblem in 1996 and adopted as the full ICS Inc emblem in 1998, replacing the original emblem of intertwined triangles.